Inland Marine Insurance

No, it's not just protection for nautical goods. Despite its unusual name, Inland Marine Insurance actually caters to virtually any property that is movable or involving transportation. It essentially covers losses of property that occur in transit. PCA Insurance, LLC makes sure your valuable belongings are covered with Inland Marine Insurance.

Perhaps you lose a prized possession while transporting goods such as fine art, collectible items, fur, a fine piece of jewelry, or even a family heirloom. These things would be covered under your Inland Marine Insurance policy.

And when you insure with PCA Insurance, LLC, you get the advantage of getting the best possible price coupled with prompt and attentive service.

If you're in the business of servicing, cleaning or performing work and/or repairs on someone's property, Inland Marine Insurance is exactly for you. This can also be especially useful for the worker who is constantly on the road moving stuff, or for the folks who deal with high-value items.

Some of the most common types of inland marine coverage's written are:

  • Property being transported
  • Buildings under construction (builder's risk)
  • Computer equipment and data
  • Contractors equipment
  • Accounts Receivable


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