At PCA Insurance, LLC, we know that the manner in which we handle your claim is one of the most important aspects of our relationship with you. We pledge to assist you in any way we can with each step of the claims process.

To report a claim during business hours, please call our agency at (256) 447-7943 as soon as possible. We will direct you concerning the next steps you need to take in the claims process.

Outside of business hours, please contact your insurance carrier directly, then contact us as soon as possible.

The following information may be helpful to you immediately following an accident.




  • Make whatever repairs are necessary to ensure no further damage can occur. For instance, turn off the water main for burst pipes, place a tarp on the roof for leaks, etc. (Keep a record of repair costs and retain receipts for these immediate and necessary expenditures.)
  • If the loss involves theft or vandalism, call the police immediately.
  • Call our office to report the claim as soon as possible. We will verify your coverage/deductible and give you advice for obtaining estimates for repairs
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